Gloves, Socks & Hoods


Aqualung 2 MM Kai Glove

The Kai Gloves are ultra soft, super stretchy and are easy to put on and take off, and provide the ultimate in warm water diving comfort.
$33.95 CAD

Aqualung 3 mm Precurved Neoprene Glove

Cushioned full-fingered paddling glove for cold weather canoeing and kayaking.
$29.95 CAD

Deep See 2 mm Waterfall Glove

2mm neoprene with suede palms for cool weather canoeing and kayaking.
$23.95 CAD

Level Six 3 MM Granite Glove

The Granite gloves are the toughest and most durable glove in the Level Six line, and employ 3 different types of neoprene.
$60.00 CAD

Level Six Anti Freeze Glove

Toughest and most durable neoprene paddling gloves
$22.50 CAD$45.00 CAD

Level Six Fusion Paddling Sock

A warm, close-fitting neoprene sock for cool-weather paddling. Close-fitting for wear under sandals and shoes.
$27.95 CAD

NRS 3 MM Maxim Glove

The thick neoprene construction and fleece-lined interior of NRS Maxim Gloves keep hard-charging paddlers' hands warm and fingers nimble.
$79.95 CAD

NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Sock

A great fitting neoprene 0.5 mm wetsock with ThermalPlush lining
$34.95 CAD

NRS Men's 3/4 Boaters Gloves

3/4 finger, UPF 50 paddling glove with synthetic leather palm perfect for warm-weather boating.
$24.95 CAD

NRS Mystery Sea Hood with Bill

Stay warm on the water and keep the sun and rain out of your eyes
$44.95 CAD

NRS Mystery Storm Hood

Paddle when its cold with full head and neck coverage
$39.95 CAD

NRS Toaster Mitt

The mitten-style design of the NRS Toaster Mitts increases warmth while the raw neoprene palm and pre-curved shape and enhance grip.
$64.95 CAD

NRS Women's 3/4 Boaters Gloves

The NRS Women's Boater's Gloves combines lightweight UPF 50+ material on the backs with rugged synthetic leather on palms.
$24.95 CAD

Sealskinz All Season Socks

This mid-calf-high sock is a waterproof design. Perfect for anywhere and whenever you need to stay dry.
$46.99 CAD

Sealskinz Waterblocker Socks

The perfect addition to any outdoor wardrobe. Waterproof socks to keep your feet dry in the wettest of conditions.
$51.99 CAD