Kayaks On Sale


Boreal Designs Epsilon P100, P200

This stable and predictable craft works with a wide variety of paddlers. A rudder, ample deck bungees, and a full compliment of deck safety lines..
$1795.00 CAD$1995.00 CAD

Boreal Designs Storm 17

For those mid-sized to larger paddlers who are looking for a light-weight, durable, and comfortable boat that's versatile.
$1995.00 CAD$2395.00 CAD

Current Designs Caribou

Fast, nimble boat, a modified Greenland design with a shallow "V," hard chine hull and a low deck profile which has contributed to its cult-like following.
$3995.00 CAD$4795.00 CAD

Current Designs Cypress

The Cypress remains true to its British-design roots with modest rocker for maneuverability and superior performance in open sea conditions.
$3995.00 CAD$5295.00 CAD

Current Designs Double Vision

A lightweight composite hybrid tandem with great stability and tracking with a traditional style and design.
$2795.00 CAD$3495.00 CAD

Current Designs Nomad GTS

If you want efficiency and speed in an expedition touring kayak the Nomad is for you. Its long slender waterline makes for an extremely efficient hull and gives you a super fast open water boat.
$3745.00 CAD$4995.00 CAD

Current Designs Prana Kevlar *Black w/ Yellow Trim

A collaborative effort between Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen and Current Designs award-winning team.
$3995.00 CAD$5145.00 CAD

Current Designs Solstice GTS

An updated classic delivers a predictable feel while slicing through the water. Built for long distance touring, ample storage and can handle the biggest waters.
$3695.00 CAD$4995.00 CAD

Dagger Kayak Stratos 14.5 L

Designed to excel in surf, rivers and open water paddling, the Stratos Large is the perfect balance of tracking, maneuverability, and forgiveness.
$1566.00 CAD$1750.00 CAD

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Stable and fun, with a strong keel line for good tracking in a compact craft.
$575.00 CAD$675.00 CAD

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

The Scrambler 11 is extremely stable & versatile, with a bigger cockpit to accommodate larger paddlers and extra length for better tracking.
$759.00 CAD$899.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Conduit 9.5

Small and nimble, perfect or fun-loving first timers! With plenty of knee room, it's a comfortable ride that is ideal for lakes and ponds.
$449.00 CAD$549.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Impulse 10.0

Stable recreational kayak with generous cockpit, smooth glide and great maneuverability or the on-the-go lifestyle.
$549.00 CAD$649.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Tribute 12

The tribute is specially engineered for smaller framed paddlers, but unlike others in its class, maintains performance and roomy comfort.
$825.00 CAD$1025.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Radar 115

Introducing the Radar series, Wilderness Systems' first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and *pedal capabilities (additional option).
$1350.00 CAD$1750.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Radar 135

Wilderness Systems first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities. The Radar features S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology.
$1495.00 CAD$1995.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

Perfect for paddlers with smaller frames who still want big time performance for sea touring or lakes.
$1605.00 CAD$2195.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tempest 170

Sea Kayaker Magazine Reader's Choice Award for "Best Day and Weekend Touring Kayak."
$1605.00 CAD$2195.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145

An icon is reimagined. Flared sidewalls and increased volume above the waterline have been improved, while the longer waterline enhances speed and efficiency.
$1540.00 CAD$2050.00 CAD