Wilderness Supply Service Department

We offer a number of different services at Wilderness Supply to keep your gear functioning in tip top shape. It is very important to maintain and repair your equipment when damaged in order to maximize the performance you will receive out of it and to be able to enjoy its use as long as possible.

Canoe and Kayak Repair and Maintenance- Sample List

  • Gel cote chips in composite canoes and kayaks (fiberglass and kevlar)
  • Kevlar skid plate repair or installation on canoes (composite or royalex)
  • Replace seats, thwarts, yokes, carry handles, deck plates
  • Replace and/or refinish wood, aluminum or vinyl canoe gunwales (bring your wood trimmed canoe in to us and we will maintain and renew it for to prevent decay and keep it looking stunning!)
  • Repair cracks, holes, deep dents
  • Fix kayak rudders, leaky bulkheads
  • UV treatment - protect your boat from harmful UV rays. This also renews your boats natural luster

Snowshoe Repair

More information to come shortly

Ski Repair

More information to come shortly

Contact us at 866.520.9555 for more information or to be directed to our service department.

We offer full and complete quotes on any service that you may need. All pricing is based on materials cost and estimated shop rate.