Belay Devices


Black Diamond ATC

The Black Diamond ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance.
$19.95 CAD

Black Diamond ATC Alpine Guide

A more compact, lighter version of Black Diamond's versatile ATC-Guide, built for smash and grab ascents in the mountains.
$34.95 CAD

Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Rappel Device

Our most versatile belay/rappel device, with machined windows through the body to save weight.
$34.95 - $34.99 CAD

Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Rappel Device

With multiple friction modes and an updated construction, the device is 30% lighter than the original and has machined windows.
$25.95 CAD

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

A breakthrough for fast-and-light missions, introducing a 25% lighter version of the world's most trusted camming device.
$96.95 CAD

Black Diamond Super 8 Belay Device

Classic Figure 8 device for smooth rappels and belays
$16.95 CAD

Petzl Cordex Climbing Gloves

Protect your hands from rope burns, rough rock and cold while keeping a good grip on rock holds and ice tools with these lightweight belay/rappel gloves
$49.95 CAD

Petzl Grigri 2

Belay device with assisted braking, optimized for 9.4 to 10.3 mm ropes.
$139.95 CAD

Petzl Reverso 4

Belay Device and Descender
$34.95 CAD