With an integrated CROLL ventral rope clamp, the AVAO BOD CROLL FAST harness was designed for greater comfort during rope ascents.
$664.95 - $714.95 CAD
The AVAO BOD FAST fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations.
$594.95 - $634.95 CAD
FALCON is a lightweight seat harness with a metal ventral attachment point that distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspended rescue.
$249.95 - $269.95 CAD
A work seat designed for prolonged suspension
$289.95 CAD
Installs directly onto the SEQUOIA harness's attachment bridge to improve the climber's lateral mobility
$19.95 CAD
The SEQUOIA is a tree care seat harness for doubled rope ascent techniques. It is designed for the arborist's comfort.
$569.95 CAD
Chest harness for Navaho Sit Fast
$224.95 CAD