Bug Protection


Adventure Medical Kits After Bite

A powerful itch relief formula that you will not want to leave home without
$9.95 CAD

All Clean Natural Skeeter Spray 500 ml

All Clean Natural Skeeter Spray is safe for children, pets and adults who enjoy being outside without getting pesky mosquito bites.
$19.95 CAD

All Clean Natural Skeeter Spray 60ml

All Clean Natural Skeeter Spray is safe for children and adults who enjoy being outdoors!
$4.99 CAD

Ben's Ben's Bug Spray 37 ml

Whether you're hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing, take the protection of Ben's 30% Insect Repellent wherever you go.
$6.25 CAD

Ben's Eco Spray 177 ml

A unique formula that keeps the bugs away longer and features a more eco-friendly delivery
$10.50 CAD

Ben's Insect Repellent Wipes Box (12 Packs)

Convenient insect protection with individually-wrapped 30% DEET Insect Repellent Wipes.
$7.99 CAD

Ben's Tick Repellent 100 ml

A take anywhere spray bottle that gives maximum protection against ticks that may carry Lyme disease.
$10.99 CAD

Coghlans Bug Jacket

No-spray protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects
$21.00 - $24.00 CAD

Coghlans Deluxe Fine Mesh Mosquito Head Net

A mosquito head net with fine mesh to keep no-see-ums out
$8.00 CAD

Coghlans Mosquito Head Net

An inexpensive solution to bug protection without the spray
$4.95 CAD

Coghlans Screen Patches

Ideal repair for nylon, metal or fiberglass screens. Easy to use patch.
$3.65 CAD

Coghlans Youth Bug Jacket

Zippered at the neck for easy access to the face and elasticized drawstring waist and cuff, this bug jacket will keep the kids safe.
$20.00 CAD

Outdoor Research Bug Helios

A Helios hat with extra bug protection
$69.95 CAD

The Original Bug Shirt Elite Edition

The most versatile and popular bugshirt
$65.00 - $74.00 CAD