This traditional snowshoe binding, available in two sizes, is made of  thick natural rubber with two anchor points reinforced with riveted thermo plastic.
$43.00 - $45.00 CAD
The Huron is constructed from Appalachian white ash designed for long hikes in open forests and fields.
$199.00 - $249.00 CAD
The Ojibwe's unique shape provides a great flotation in opened forest and field where there is a lot of snow.
$255.95 - $279.95 CAD
Easy to put on and take off. Fits most models and shoe sizes. Finest quality and the most practical binding available.
$54.95 - $60.95 CAD
A durable and breathable nylon snowshoe bag made by GV. Comes in small, medium and large.
$29.99 CAD