Canoe Paddles


Aquabound Paddles Edge

Lightweight paddle with a curved blade for maximum power with every stroke, and an injection molded T-grip for comfort and precise control.
$159.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Black Pearl II Bent

Inspired by the original Black Pearl, the Black Pearl II is our lightest canoe paddle for expert canoeists that appreciate lightweight and durability.
$349.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Java 11 Bent Premium Canoe Paddle

A light all-wood canoe paddle, reinforced with Rockgard and fiberglass, with a bent shaft for a relaxed grip and efficiency on flat water.
$209.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Java ST Premium Canoe Paddle

The Java paddle is for the pure traditionalist for whom only an all-wood paddle will do. A more than worthy heir to the Espresso tradition.
$199.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Sunburst 11 Bent

The Bent Bending Branches Sunburst 11 canoe paddle combines years of wood-crafting artistry with state of the art composite technology that makes this our lightest canoe paddle.
$319.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Sunburst ST

A beautiful straight shaft canoe paddle with carbon shaft and a large blade for a powerful stroke.
$309.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Viper Bent

Ergonomically designed wooden paddle aligns both wrists for maximum efficiency and comfort when whitewater and expedition paddling.
$209.00 CAD

Carlisle Paddles Economy Paddle

The perfect all-purpose paddle. A great price performer! Lightweight and durable, with a large blade to add power to your stroke.
$29.95 CAD

Grey Owl 454 Hybrid Dragon Boat

Named after its weight in grams this paddle this super lightweight paddle offers outstanding features for the avid racer.
$169.00 CAD

Grey Owl Cherry Chieftain Oiled

A narrow blade solo or tandem deep water paddle for the paddler who likes to take their time and have an easier paddle stroke.
$131.50 CAD

Grey Owl Club Adjustable Dragon Boat

An economical entry-level wooden dragon boat paddle, constructed with a solid ash shaft, maple T-grip
$55.00 CAD

Grey Owl Hammerhead

Tough and lightweight paddle for use in moving water and class 1-3 whitewater conditions with an effective wide, short blade.
$113.00 CAD

Grey Owl High Performance Dragon Boat

A performance all-round dragon boat paddle for mid to high level dragon boat paddlers.
$66.00 CAD

Grey Owl Northern Light

A beautiful laminated cedar and bass pear shaped solo and tandem paddle, usually for deep water lake paddling.
$165.00 CAD

Grey Owl Owlet

Get the kids involved with their very own pint-sized paddle!
$28.50 CAD

Grey Owl Plume

A narrow blade solo or tandem deep water paddle for the paddler who likes to take their time and have an easier paddle stroke.
$75.00 CAD

Grey Owl Pool Training Dragon Boat

A narrow off-season training paddle for stationary pool-side technique and and pre-season conditioning.
$45.50 CAD

Grey Owl Raven

A comfy, fatigue-fighting 12-degree bent shaft paddle. Great for marathon or outrigger canoeing.
$249.00 CAD

Grey Owl Scout

Ideal entry-level paddle with laminated bass construction and pear grip.
$49.00 CAD

Grey Owl Sprite

Excellent lightweight training or entry-level touring paddle with 14-degree bent shaft.
$83.00 CAD

Grey Owl Sugar Island

Large-blade paddle with good directional control and acceleration. Great for moving water and paddlers who prefer large blades with little slippage.
$99.00 CAD

Grey Owl Voyageur Basswood

A durable, excellent all around paddle for wilderness tripping, with a wide and short blade for the shallows.
$76.00 CAD

Sawyer Youth 38" Paddle

A beautiful pint-sized paddle designed to get kids out on the water
$59.00 CAD

Werner Bandit Carbon 1 Piece Straight Shaft

Ideal carbon whitewater paddle. Spooned, with powerful catch and incredible control, not to mention it's super light-weight!
$278.00 CAD

Werner Bandit Fiberglass 1 Piece Straight Shaft

The Bandit Fiberglass is an aggressive spooned canoe paddle for technical river runners and slalom canoeists.
$226.00 CAD