Transitional Kayaks


Boreal Designs Compass 140 TX

Rough Water Ready – Beginner Friendly! Fast, sleek, stable and seaworthy – the Compass 140 does it all for those lake day paddles.
$1999.00 CAD

Boreal Designs Storm 16

Whether you're heading out on a long trip or a short skip across the bay, this kayak is stable, easily packable and very seaworthy.
$2395.00 CAD

Dagger Kayak Stratos 14.5 L

Designed to excel in surf, rivers and open water paddling, the Stratos Large is the perfect balance of tracking, maneuverability, and forgiveness.
$1750.00 CAD

Eddyline Fathom 16.5

The Fathom's highly efficient hull is fast, nearly effortless to accelerate to speed, yet carries a comfortable degree of initial stability.
$2795.00 CAD

Eddyline Sitka LT 14.6

The Sitka LT kayak is designed for the paddler looking for a lightweight, high performing kayak with effortless maneuverability and a perfect fit.
$2595.00 CAD

Eddyline Sitka ST 13.9

Have a little maneuvering to do? Just edge on its side and with a stroke of the paddle you will carve like a fine knife.
$2495.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Carolina 14

For beginner to intermediate paddlers who value comfort and stability in a boat that can easily explore all day on a wide range of waterways.
$1395.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 w/ Rudder

The aesthetics of the new Tsunami inspire performance and exploration, while a focus on improving the paddler's experience sees new features incorporated into the design.
$2050.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 w/ Rudder

An icon is reimagined. Flared sidewalls and increased volume above the waterline have been improved, while the longer waterline enhances speed and efficiency.
$2050.00 CAD

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 w/ Rudder

Great for weekend trips, with enough depth and space for mid-to-large size paddlers.
$2250.00 CAD