Tripping Canoes

In addition to its unique look, one thing you will surely notice when you paddle it is how easy it is to maneuver in rapids or on flat water.
$2195.00 - $2545.00 CAD
Ideal for canoeists who want the versatility and capacity of the Prospector shape for day tripping and week-long adventures.
$2395.00 - $2520.00 CAD
This boat is the workhorse of river expeditions. It has excellent dryness and carrying capacity in addition to superior whitewater performance.
$2495.00 - $2620.00 CAD
The B 17 will handle a month in the wilderness or carry the whole family for floats on the local river with it's high volume capacity.
$4195.00 CAD
A fast, reliable canoe. Challenge big, open water and cover distance with ease.
$3250.00 - $3595.00 CAD
The big brother of Nova Craft's Tripper model with a wider beam and extra carrying capacity. A versatile family canoe that people can grow into.
$1895.00 - $3595.00 CAD
The Pal provides paddlers with the opportunity to own one of the best general-purpose traditional canoes ever made.
$3095.00 - $3450.00 CAD
A workhorse wilderness tripping canoe, ideal for river tripping and versatile enough for all-around use.
$1895.00 - $3610.00 CAD
The ultimate extended wilderness tripping canoe - can handle a month's worth of supplies, while still tracking well with good speed on flatwater.
$1995.00 - $3755.00 CAD
A shorter version of the Spirit II, perfect for exploring, day tripping and paddling on small rivers.
$3950.00 - $4095.00 CAD
An amazingly fast and stable ultra light tripping canoe
$4095.00 - $4195.00 CAD