Inflatable SUP Boards


Blu Wave Allsport iSUP 10.10 EV

The Allsport iSUP 10.10 is the swiss army knife of inflatable SUPs. Designed as an all-round inflatable for recreational paddling, touring and fun in the waves.
$1299.00 CAD

Blu Wave Catalina iSUP 12.6

The Catalina iSUP 12.6 is an inflatable touring SUP suited for flat water paddling that provides superior glide.
$999.00 CAD$1399.00 CAD

Starboard SUP Racer 14 iSUP Deluxe

The flagship of Starboard's touring lineup the Racer 14 iSUP Deluxe Touring inflatable stand up paddle board is second to none
$1299.00 CAD$1949.00 CAD