Youth Kayaks


Current Designs Raven

A lightweight boat with easy paddling and dependable stability. A serious kayak for the discerning youth paddler.
$1399.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Conduit 9.5

Small and nimble, perfect or fun-loving first timers! With plenty of knee room, it's a comfortable ride that is ideal for lakes and ponds.
$449.00 CAD$549.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Prodigy XS

Designed just for kids, lightweight, easy-to-paddle and sized-to-fit recreational boat makes it the perfect choice for smaller paddlers at an affordable price.
$619.00 CAD

Perception Kayak Tribute 12

The tribute is specially engineered for smaller framed paddlers, but unlike others in its class, maintains performance and roomy comfort.
$825.00 CAD$1025.00 CAD