Silva 16DCL 6400 MILS /360 Deg

The sighting compass for experienced navigators – used by NATO Forces around the world. Mainly used by the infantry or officer’s compass.
$79.95 CAD

Silva Expedition S Compass

The Expedition series has been a global leader when it comes to accuracy, precision and durability. The Expedition Series comes with a Slope card and a Scale lanyard.
$69.95 CAD

Silva Ranger Compass

The most popular base plate series among mountaineers, backpackers, and hunters.
$29.99 CAD

Suunto MC-2 DL NH Mirror Compass

The MC-2 DL NH Sighting Compass is a professional mirror sighting compasses which delivers precise directional measurements.
$79.00 CAD

Suunto MC-2 Global Sighting Compass

A mirrored compass with top-of-the-line features for precise directional measurements globally. Measured in degrees.
$114.95 CAD

Suunto MC-2/G/6400 Global Mils

Top of the line features for precise navigation in both hemispheres. Measured in Mils
$124.95 CAD