Spray Skirts & Cockpit Covers


Seals Cockpit Net

Rugged half mesh, half nylon cockpit cover for maximum ventilation during storage.
$49.95 CAD

Seals Cockpit Seal

A puncture-proof cockpit cover perfect for keeping water, debris and creeping critters out of your boat during storage.
$49.95 CAD

Seals Gear Pocket

An additional pocket that attaches to a Seals kayak sprayskirt for carrying your gloves, GPS, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera and other items while paddling.
$19.99 CAD

Seals Nylon Cockpit Cover

Keep critters, water, bugs and debris out of your boat whether it's on the roof of the car or away in your backyard for storage.
$38.95 CAD

Seals Pro Shocker Spray Skirt

Reinforced neoprene spray skirt ideal for kayaking in moderate to extreme conditions. Great for whitewater paddlers.
$209.00 CAD

Seals Sea Sprite Sprayskirt

All the performance of a neoprene deck with the adjustable comfort of a waterproof/breathable tunnel.
$165.00 CAD

Seals Shocker Spray Skirt

A high performance spray skirt with a 4 mm neoprene deck
$175.00 CAD

Seals Sneak Spray Skirt

A fully-breathable medium-weight nylon spray skirt to keep you dry and also keep you from over-heating during summer paddling.
$125.00 CAD

Seals Surf Spray Skirt

High performance spray skirt ideal for paddling in moderate to extreme conditions. Rugged enough to withstand heavy waves.
$142.00 CAD

Seals Tropical Tour Sprayskirt

A Breathable 3-ply Waterproof Fabric sprayskirt for the ultimate in paddling comfort.
$158.00 CAD