Ice Axes


Black Diamond Cobra

A standard axe for hard ice leads and bold alpine routes
$394.95 CAD

Black Diamond Viper

All-terrain ice axe with android leash. Built with hydrofoam staff to increase stiffness and reduce weight.
$269.95 CAD

Petzl Cascade Pick (Quark)

Robust and efficient narrow forged pick
$53.95 CAD

Petzl Clipper Leash

Attachment or removal from the shaft is one simple movement for ice climbers who need to be able to clip in quickly and easily.
$74.95 CAD

Petzl Nomic Ice Climbing Axe

Multi-grip handle allows climbers to ascend ice with the finesse of rock climbing.
$399.95 CAD

Petzl Quark Hammer w/ Grip Rest

Technical ice tool for climbing ice and mixed routes up to a high level of difficulty.
$314.95 CAD