$23.95 - $27.95 CAD
A heavy-duty, durable multi-purpose polyester duffel bag.  Available in 42 L, 100 L and 140 L sizes
$34.95 - $65.95 CAD
High-quality, technical and with a new design, this compact, sporty hiking backpack is ideal for day tours.
$129.00 - $130.00 CAD
For all bikers, hikers and endurance athletes who want to carry only a light weight around with them and keep their back free.
$85.00 CAD
Compression goes ultra-light so you can conserve space along with weight.
$41.50 - $51.95 CAD
Ultralight pocket sleeve for stowing books, maps or travel documents
$19.50 - $24.95 CAD
Zippered stowage solution that fits very well into a pack or suitcase.
$26.50 - $36.95 CAD
Dromlite Bags are MSR's fast and light version of the more heavy duty Dromedary Bag. Water hauling utility without the weight or bulk.
$57.95 - $64.95 CAD
Want to hit the trail for a quick ride that calls for water and just a few minimal pieces of gear? The low-profile Katari 7 is your go-to pack.
$139.95 CAD
You'll love the way Osprey's Raptor 10 carries when you're riding rough, technical terrain thanks to the BioStretch harness and hipbelt that comfortably connect the pack to your body.
$210.00 CAD
Ideal for cycling or hiking, the Savu lumbar pack has two rigid pockets that make it easy to pull and replace water bottles.
$89.95 CAD
$140.00 - $225.00 CAD
A classic and versatile hydration bladder.
$35.95 - $37.95 CAD
$159.00 CAD
All the convenience of a duffle bag with high-quality waterproof construction.  Ideal for paddling, sailing, adventure travel and motorcycle touring.
$294.95 - $319.95 CAD
Made of tough resilient waterproof PVC to hold up when thrown on planes, at the beach or on expeditions.
$159.99 - $219.99 CAD