Travel Sheets, Blankets and Sleeping Bags


Chinook Pongee Rectangular Sleeping Bag Liner

An inexpensive and effective way to improve the warmth rating and life of your sleeping bag.
$24.95 CAD

Chinook ThermoPalm Rectangle (50 F/10 C)

Ideal for the space-conscious traveler who wants to pack light. Can be used as a sleeping bag or blanket.
$69.99 CAD

Sea to Summit Expander Rectangle Travel Liner

A stretch poly-cotton liner with anti-microbial treatment
$39.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Eye Shades

Block light out and get some z's while on the road. Ear plugs included
$19.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner

A luxurious liner, perfect for keeping a sleeping bag clean and for hostel or budget hotel traveling in comfort.
$129.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Silk Cotton Blend Travel Liner

A blend of cotton and silk for comfort and performance
$89.95 CAD