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Bending Branches Viper Bent Canoe Paddle

  • Product Number: 1036

The Viper is ergonomically designed with a double bend shaft to help keep both wrists aligned when paddling. This reduces fatigue and is a great benefit for wilderness tripping. This paddle is hand-crafted in Osceola, Wisconsin of durable, lightweight basswoods. The Viper’s durable blade has a 4 oz. fiberglass wrap and full Rockgard® protection for added peace of mind. This paddle is both stunning to look at and a treat to paddle on long trips.


  • Ergonomically Design Reduces Fatigue
  • Curved Palm Grip
  • Ovalized for Comfort
  • durable blade has a 4 oz. fiberglass wrap and full Rockgard® protection
  • Made in USA


  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Blade Size: 8.7" x 20"
  • Shaft: 11° Double Bent
  • Material: 18-Laminate Basswood
  • Grip Type: Curved Palm Grip
  • Rockgard Color: Black