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Nova Craft 50th Anniversary Norseman Canoe Paddle

Sale:132.30 - $189.00 CAD
Reg:$189.00 - $189.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 155354

To commemorate Nova craft Canoe’s 50th year, Hunter & Harris has created a limited run of 100 Norseman paddles, laser engraved with Nova Craft’s anniversary logo. Constructed from solid black cherry with an oiled finish, the Norseman is a versatile design suitable for use in both shallow and deep waters. Built to endure the rigours of backcountry tripping, it is a perfect pairing for the Nova Craft Prospector.


  • Hunter & Harris logo branded on upper paddle shaft
  • Available in 54″, 57″, 60″ and 63″ lengths
  • Handmade in Ontario, Canada


  • Material: Solid Black Cherry
  • Finish: Oiled