Black Diamond Hot Forged Natural Ice Pick

  • Product Number: 3995 - 8401137

The name says it all. The BD Natural Ice Pick is designed for pure ice climbing, and features a hot-forged construction for durability, and a lower tip volume built to improve penetration and pick placement. The Hot-Forged Natural Ice Pick thrives on pure ice. Hot-forged for durability and featuring a low-volume tip geometry that’s optimized for easier penetration and better cleaning on frozen water ice, this pick belongs on your water ice tools … trust us.


  • Updated geometry for improved penetration and pick placement
  • Hot-forged for greater durability
  • Built for pure ice
  • Fits on all current interchangeable-pick ice tools
  • CEN-B certified


  • Weight : 99 g (3.5 oz)
  • Materials : Chromoly steel