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    220 - 240 cm
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    Leverlock Adjustable

Wilderness Systems Pungo Glass Adjustable Kayak Paddle

  • Product Number: 5540

Introducing the Pungo Glass, the first paddle specifically designed to deliver an enhanced paddling experience with Wilderness Systems Pungo kayak, while being an exceptional paddle for other recreational and touring kayaks. The paddle’s shape, size, and proprietary blade curvature deliver the optimal angle of entry and stroke depth for smooth, efficient, flutter-free strokes regardless of paddling style or experience level.


  • Achieve sustainable paddling power without flutter or fatigue
  • Lightweight yet more durable option with a resilient fibreglass blade
  • Adjustable size - 220cm base length expandable up to 240cm
  • Two-piece construction breaks down for easy transportation and storage
  • Designed for use with Wilderness Systems Pungo kayaks (all sizes/model years)
  • Also works well with other recreation kayak models


  • Weight: 30 oz
  • Length: 220 - 240 cm
  • Shaft Materials: 50% carbon/50% fibreglass shaft
  • Blade Material: durable fibreglass composite blade
  • Blade Size: 595cm sq.