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Lake Superior Research Group A Paddler's Guide to the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

  • Product Number: 4216 - 3360996

This book is a comprehensive field and paddling guide for Parks Canada’s Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. This book is for you if you wish to find ways to explore the LSNMCA region thoughtfully and safely, whether by water or through stories. We have tried to capture the sense of wonder we feel on Lake Superior by including information on the many stories and aspects of this great lake – historical, ecological, cultural, as well as recreational.

In the creation of this book, the authors poured over maps, read books, researched via Internet, explored many shores, conversed with the knowledgeable and just thought about this area to the point of saturation. Their purpose was to tell readers about every feature of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA). The aim of their book is to highlight some significant places, while leaving many secrets to feed the reader's own curiousity and sense of discovery.


  • Detailed maps of the NMCA region between the Sibley Peninsula and Jackfish Bay
  • Area specific paddling considerations for Lake Superior
  • Anishinabe Perspectives
  • Detailed launch site and campsite information
  • Description of 10 great day trips in the region
  • Interesting story boxes on culture, history, geology, ecology, and other fun facts


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 192 pages
  • Dimensions:  8.5 X 5.5 X 0.25 in

About Author:

Darrell Makin is a Lecturer in the Department of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University. He spends much of his free time honouring his passions exploring the outdoors nearby his home in Thunder Bay. Needless to say, his primarily interests surround Lake Superior and its natural and cultural history. Darrell lives with his partner Kim and daughter Samantha in Thunder Bay, Ontario.Zack Kruzins is a graduate of Lakehead University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism and Geography. He spent 50 days on northern Lake Superior as part of a research expedition in 2008, covering virtually every bit of shoreline in the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA), He spends summers instructing for a variety of professional experiential education programs on the west coast, east coast and Great Lakes, and keeps himself busy during the winter on a variety of adventures.