Tahe Marine Reval Midi

Reval Midi is an ideal choice for adrenaline seekers. Midi is a responsive kayak with wonderful stability even in breaking waves and strong winds. 

The Midi is designed with rocker and upswept bow & stern to handle challenging conditions on the sea. The kayak deck is equipped with 2 oval hatches and a day-hatch for easier entry into compartments. Reval Midi is a medium volume kayak that also suits well for weekend-trips and shorter expeditions.

Reval Midi kayak is British style kayak that is equipped with retractable skeg or retractable skeg & rudder.


  • British Style
  • Thigh Pads
  • Rudder Optional
  • Skeg


Length: 17’1” (520 cm)
Material: Composite
Width: 21.25” (54 cm)
Cockpit: 31.5” x 16.5” (80x42 cm)
Weight: 49–54 lbs (22.5–24.5 kg)(TGC-Lite construction)
Bow Hatch: 17” x 10.25” (44x26 cm)
Stern Oval Hatch: 17” x 10.25” (44x26 cm)
Day hatch: 6” (15 cm)
Capacity: 287 lbs (130 kg)

Ideal For:

Sea Touring, Lakes