Chinook Dreamer Self Inflating Pillow

Pack this little baby into a tiny crevice in your pack and you won't even know it's there.
$19.95 CAD

Chinook Flannel Pillow

A rectangular shaped pillow with the classic flannel design that gives a soft surface to lay your head.
$15.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

This lightweight and compact inflatable pillow awards you a comfortable sleep wherever you are.
$54.95 - $59.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Traveller Neck Pillow

The Aeros Pillow Traveller is the travel neck pillow with discretion. Get some sleep while you travel.
$44.95 CAD

Thermarest Air Head Lite Pillow

Ultralight pillow fits in your pocket before inflating to provide big comfort at camp.
$47.95 CAD

Thermarest Air Head Pillow

Combines air and open cell foam technology with the perfect amount of loft to make your sleep dreamy
$45.00 - $57.95 CAD

Thermarest Compressible Pillow

Comfortable, compact travel and camping pillow. Rolls up into a tight, packable ball for space-savvy comfort.
$25.95 - $44.95 CAD

Thermarest Lumbar Pillow

A light weight inflatable pillow for travel or the light backpacker who wants to conserve space.
$39.95 CAD

Thermarest Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory foam, adjustability and a unique shape create a neck pillow that works and is a friend of many weary travelers.
$39.95 CAD